Garages “very unlikely” to be affected by new track and trace regulations

Independent workshops can choose to display NHS QR code but are not required to do so, GW understands

Garages “very unlikely” to be affected by new track and trace regulations
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Independent garages are “very unlikely” to be affected by new regulations which require some businesses to display an official NHS QR code poster, the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) has said.

A spokesperson for the RMIF told Garage Wire: “Whilst any business can choose to display a QR code, the regulations only require ‘relevant premises’ as defined by the regulations to do so.

“The good news for RMI Members is that they are very unlikely to be affected by these Regulations.”

The clarification follows new UK government regulations rolled out on Friday 18 September which requires designated businesses and organisations, close contact services and leisure venues, to log details of customers, visitors and staff for NHS Test and Trace.

They must now also display an official NHS QR code posters for use with the new NHS test and trace app rolled out this week.

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In a statement to Garage Wire, Bill Fennell, managing director and chief ombudsman at The Motor Ombudsman said: “Under the current government guidelines, garages and dealers are currently not required to keep records of visiting customers for 21 days for the purpose of COVID-19 contact tracing, but may still wish to do so for the peace of mind of consumers who come to their premises.

“In addition, with the launch of the new NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app, the only requirement for businesses, that are not in the hospitality sector, is to display NHS QR code posters in workplace canteens, where personnel are likely to congregate.

“Furthermore, whilst the automotive sector is not directly named in the latest guidance, we recommend that garages stay abreast of the latest developments that may affect the way that they work, and keep an eye on our COVID-19 Business Support hub, which highlights key announcements from government and the motor industry in relation to COVID-19.”

Government guidance on test and trace for businesses can be found online.

Earlier this week the DVSA also confirmed that the latest restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19 do not currently affect MOT test stations.

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