General Data Protection Regulation comes into force today

Businesses must now comply with new GDPR rules

General Data Protection Regulation comes into force today
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General Data Protection Regulation comes into force today and gives regulators greater powers to penalise companies that mishandle personal data or are not transparent about how their business uses it.

The Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK’s independent body set up to regulate information rights has stressed that businesses must now meet the requirements for GDPR compliancy.

A number of services are available for independent garages to ensure compliancy, including the Prosol Zend+ GDPR policy package and a gap audit, consultancy and GDPR quality assurance audit for members of the Independent Garage Association.

Garage Wire GDPR policy

Garage Wire has updated it privacy policy and is continuing to review its processes against the requirements.

Readers will be informed about any further changes but GW will minimise disruption.

GW director, James Onions said: “We are committed to ensuring we can still bring the latest and best news about the independent aftermarket straight to the inbox of garage readers.

“You should continue to receive all emails but if you don’t for any reason please contact us by email.”

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For further information about GW’s GDPR policy, email [email protected] or select ‘more details’ below.

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