Halfords expands “Mobile Expert” service with plans to add 150 vans to fleet

Five vans added to fleet for London area and up to 150 to be introduced over next two years following trial period

Halfords expands “Mobile Expert” service with plans to add 150 vans to fleet
Halfords is set to expand its mobile expert van fleet.

Halfords has extended its Mobile Expert service to London, following its pilot in the West Midlands, Manchester and Surrey, as the company looks to attract garage customers.

The fast fit chain placed five new vans in London on 30 March, which it says will cover the capital.

They company plans to roll out between 100 and 150 vans across the UK within the next two years.

Halfords’ mobile service offers customers 11 different motoring services including servicing, oil changes, tyres and battery replacement.

Karl Baker, from Halfords, responsible for the launch of the service, said: “With our new vans, we can reach nearly a third of the UK’s households, bringing great convenience to wherever they are based.

“Drivers have always been able to go to the garage for these jobs, and now we can bring our expertise directly to them.”

Each of the Mobile Expert Mercedes Sprinter vans is equipped with technology and diagnostic equipment to tackle jobs that motorists are unlikely to process themselves.

The service includes bigger jobs such as interim Services and tyre changes, but also jobs like windscreen and paint chip repairs and the fitting of dash cams.

Mr Baker added: “If their battery goes flat or their windscreen wipers stop working, they can simply book online and we’ll drive to them.

“The demand for convenience is growing as people lead increasingly busy lives, which is why we are expanding our offer.”

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    Jonny Bravo

    For a company that cant fit headlamp bulbs correctly 99% of the time I find this hilarious. After being a mobile mechanic for many years im looking forward to seeing how this pans out because im sure it will bring me hours of joy reading the reviews…………………

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    Peter Miles

    After all the adverse publicity they’ve had recently how can they hope to expand the incompetence they offer?

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    The local Halfords serviced a Peugeot 208 GTI used the wrong oil and paid us £5k for the new cylinder head bring it on,

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    For a company to fit a incorrect battery in numerous occasions at their branch, what chance would they have in trying to provide such a service on a mobile unit. Do they really want their reputation to falter further?? Please please don’t bother!

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    Graham Lange

    As said above, for a company that advertises it can fit bulbs when it simply can’t this is a joke. Halfords really need to concentrate on it’s core business instead of trying to diversify and make idiots of themselves…. Try changing the oil on a modern Volvo without the correct diagnostic equipment??

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    Incompetence in action is a truly frightening sight. I fail cars regularly on headlight aim guess who fitted the bulb incorrectly ? often with broken clips and a scrap headlight as a result, and a charge for breaking it. Halfords … “Not us sir”,……

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    This is just another example of taking customers for mugs. Who in their right mind believes that a quality service, with proper checks, can be carried out on a drive way?
    The Halfords near us provide me with plenty of work through their [email protected]£k ups, and from work they just can’t do.
    I’m all in for anything that makes us look good.

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    Bravo Halfords more rectification work for us Independants

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    Eddie Bamber

    I got asked to recover an old Astra from a Halfords branch and take it to a local engine replacement centre. It was old, but very low mileage and in good condition. It had been towed into them as a non starter and the Halfords ‘mechanic’ said that he ‘thought’ the cylinder head gasket had gone but admitted that he hadn’t carried out even a compression check. We pushed it out of the garage onto their forecourt. I had a look and found the battery was flat, the engine badly flooded with fuel and the plug leads fitted in the wrong order in the distributor cap. The compressions were all good. Charged battery, fitted a dry set of plugs and corrected the firing order and it burst into life. It ran o/k with no issues up to normal temperature and the cooling fan kicked in and out as it should. If they can’t even deal with something with simple technology, I’m looking forward to seeing the claims when they f*** up a more complex vehicle.

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