Halfords launches “free brakes for life”

Latest in long line of discounted marketing campaigns to fuel fears they're devaluing service and repairs industry

Halfords launches “free brakes for life”

Halfords has launched a new promotion in which it offers customers “free brake components for life”.

The fast fit claims the promotion could save drivers up to £1,600 over their lifetime.

Under its Brakes4Life deal, once customers have brake pads or shoes fitted at a Halfords Autocentre, the company offers free replacement pads or shoes – even if the customer changes their car.

The deal doesn’t apply to brake discs or callipers.

Bob Masters, Halfords Autocentres brakes expert said: “With fuel prices and insurance costs driving up the cost of motoring, our Brakes4Life initiative offers motorists unprecedented value for money and peace of mind.

“A one-off payment guards against future unexpected brake related costs.”

The latest promotion from the fast-fit chain follows a significantly discounted MOT offer which it marketed earlier this year.

During a two-week period in May, customers making any purchase from a Halfords retail store were able to claim a £10 MOT.

Earlier in 2018, retail store customers could claim an entirely free MOT sparking outrage among independent garages.

Do you disagree with fast-fit chain marketing tactics? Share your comments below.

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    graham cox

    our industry is a messs.
    no regulation,no set standards etc
    we as independents try to do the job correctly at a fair price use quality parts and employ skilled mechanics
    we are being forced out of the market by stupid offers and deals by large chains
    unless this is stopped in a very short space of time quality garages like us will be gone
    then when the public need the job done properly they will be stuffed
    we need an active push to highlight the independent sector NOW before it is to late

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    Jason Booth

    What an absolute con, how often are just brake pads replaced these days ? If brakes are inspected properly it’s not very often the discs are enough above the minimum thickness to be able to have another set of pads!

    You’ve got to love their terms and conditions stating that repairs to discs and drums must be carried out by yourself within 10 days of an inspection and then they must replace the pads, so you replace your discs and then take it to them for pads after you have already driven with new discs on old pads ?
    Obviously what we all know will happen is they will say you need new discs and charge you an over the top price to replace them which will already cover the cost of the “FREE” pads, I’ve seen some invoices from my local Halfords centre and believe me there is nothing they give away.
    But from a marketing point of view I’m sure it will work with a lot of customers as more often than not poor service and quality seems to be able to hide behind a so called reputable brand, just because you have heard the name it doesn’t mean it should be trusted.

    Terms and conditions of your personal lifetime brake replacement
    How it works
    You must carry out all other brake repairs (to brake discs, drums, cables and hydraulics) found during an inspection or service within 10 days to continue to claim the free replacement.
    We must carry out all brake pad or shoe repairs if you want to take advantage of the lifetime replacement.

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    Martin D

    Zero incentive for them to change a safety related part when it has an overhead and no revenue to their business. Its a matter of tie before it backfires. Personally i would not allow them to change my wipers.

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    Bob Butcher

    I wonder how much of the brakes fitted where necessary this was attempted once before everything got changed calipers discs Brake hoses anything they could sell they did the poor customer

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    Haha! They can’t even change a bulb as our workshop has seen on a number of occasions!!!

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    Peter Miles

    So they are saying that if you let them change your pads once they will save you £1,600? They’re going to have do a lot of upselling to get that back, but they will try!
    But the facts are that economically this makes no sense whatever and besides that as others have said having seen some of their work I quite literally wouldn’t trust them to change a light bulb. This offer sounds so desperate that I honestly think Halfords are in deep trouble and thrashing around for anything that might save them so I’m not worried.

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    I agree, Halfords have a very poor reputation in the motor trade for their standard of work which looks to have driven their management team to come up with a new clever business idea/illusion of giving away things to make up for the dreadful service you get when you have any dealings with them.
    They are likely to fall victim of this stay in business by undercutting everyone initiative.

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    Just a con marketing campaign to get people to go back so they can tell them that their car is not safe to drive and take their pants down again! Our local Halfords centre recently fitted a car stereos to an Audi TT and blew the main ECU for the engine management system and had to have it towed away for a new ECU costing £1600 hahah I did some MOT work on a Ford KA last year that the quoted over £900 for – £350 of which was welding, hope the size of a 50p piece above the headlight – rip of and unskilled I hope this gets lots of attention and they get investigated by some powerful body and this gets stopped because all the public will do is think initially wow what a saving till they go back and they get walloped for a big bill next time round!! Wrong dishonest intentions outright from the start! They wouldn’t hand out £20 notes so why give this offer out!! Is not a saving for the customer! It’s a keep me going back! Tie!!

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    Nothing new, didn’t unipart try something like this a decade ago. That ended well…

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    If its not tough enough trying to keep existing customers who tend to be loyal (there is always one looking for the bargain)!
    We get “deals” that are just marketing ploys to win customers over!
    I agree with Graham Cox we are going to be forced out of business if you rely on servicing and minor repairs in the long term
    As customers are looking for the best deal but competing with big chains is tough and sometimes impossible
    But on a good note as Taz has mentioned bulbs!! (enough said)
    Often we find the customer comes back with a story to tell!
    losing revenue because of it hurts the independent though.

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    Dennis Haggett

    Kwik fit have been doing this for years nothing new here just another con job

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