Homeowner unable to fit car in garage at new 300k home

Barratt Homes says garage complies with council standards

Homeowner unable to fit car in garage at new 300k home
A homeowner has been faced with an unusable garage from Barratt Homes.

A homeowner is being driven mad as he cannot get his car into the garage at his new house, a Daily Record report has revealed.

Stuart Hutton and wife Tracy, 47, paid £300,495 for the four-bedroom home from Barratt in December 2018.

But the entrance is too narrow for either of their vehicles – one fits with millimetres to spare with the wing mirrors folded in and the other won’t go in at all.

Stuart, 49, a pipe fitter, said: “Width is not an issue once you’re inside as the garage opens out massively, it’s just getting in that’s the problem.”

Not average-sized cars

Barratt claimed their Vauxhall Insignia and Ford EcoSport were not average-sized cars.

But dad-of-one Stuart, of East Kilbride, said: “Neighbours with smaller integral garages have more width than we do.

“Barratt claims they can’t widen the door due to the lintel – please help.”

But Barratt said: “The garage complies with council standards.”

Do you think cars are getting wider? Does equipment and regulation need changing to accommodate new cars?
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