How to solve brake vibrations ‘quickly and easily’

On-car lathe disc skimming offers smoother braking

How to solve brake vibrations ‘quickly and easily’
Skimming brake discs makes them flat and aligned to the hub.

When offering customers a spring check, a brake disc skim from an on-car brake lathe can be profitable for a garage and quick to use, Pro-Cut say.

It can also result in better brakes and cost savings for the customer.

A brake lathe from Pro-Cut will skim a disc in nine minutes, an axle in 18 minutes and both axles in 36 minutes.

It can cure vibration issues, squeaks and squeals, increasing both retail and warranty opportunities for any workshop, Pro-Cut says.

“Drivers notice perfect braking as soon as they leave the garage and run-out is eliminated, so there is no possibility of brake vibrations recurring,” Pro-Cut said in a statement.

“The brake lathe will even earn its keep by reducing the costs for used car preparation instead of replacing discs.”

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