How could benefit your business

Online marketplace connects thousands of potential customers with garages every day

How could benefit your business

Generating in excess of £7 million of work every month, WhoCanFixMyCar connects 1,000s of potential customers with garages every day.

To find out how, GWTV heads to its Newcastle-based head office.

The online marketplace offers a range of packages for independent garages with options for a dedicated account manager, auto quotation set up, plus analysis and reporting.

For motorists, owners simply enter their details and what service they require and are able to choose which garage they’d prefer based location and reviews before making a booking.

It’s a proven concept which sees 60,000 quote requests nationwide every month and which has seen around 13,000 garages join the network.

For further information on how WhoCanFixMyCar could benefit your business, select ‘more details’ below.

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    graham cox

    my advice steer clear thease type of operations tend to attract low quality jobs and customers who have no money any of thease websites are bad news if you are a good garage confident in your work then promote yourself and charge a sensible rate you will win work . we have proved this in a rural location we charge £75.00 per hour and we get work from all over the county

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    Peter Miles

    I completely agree with Graham’s comment above. All you’re going to get from people like this are customers that have no loyalty to you, only want the cheapest price and on top of that the “work provider” takes a cut off the top. Also you might want to consider that these are all fairly new ventures so if you get, say, 50% of your work through them and they go into liquidation that’s 50% of your customer base just vanished!
    I wouldn’t touch one with a bargepole and my advice is to build your own business, not be reliant on someone who promises to do it for you.

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    It’s easy to say I’ll do my own marketing but now days it’s all digital. Do most garages know how to market online? Set up PPC campaigns, target advertise on social media to drive traffic to your website.

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    I will agree with Graham and add that having signed with WCFMC for 12 months it proved a point I had been arguing for years, these sites undermine the job we do and the years of training and investment in equipment and staff, the only way you will win work is by doing the job cheaply, the only way to make any profit is if you fit poor quality parts which we will not do. put that together with the fact that if you do win any work the customer will not turn up 70% of the time and then you have to chase WCFMC for a refund on the booking fee. customers want quality parts fitted at a competitive rate and we do that all day long for our customers. we would rather explain the cost of quality than the failure of anything less.

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    If you use it right it can be a good tool.
    1.) Use auto quotes
    2.) Copy and paste text on the quotes to save time
    3.) Retain the customer by showing them the commission they paid on top of your price. They wont like it and will come direct next time (Give them a business card)
    4.) Have a USP, why should the customer use you and not the other garages?
    5.) Use things like “Who can fix my car in (your town)” on your website. Or even your garage name to get traffic.

    Sure you get people that wont turn up but that is part and parcel of a comparison site.For the yearly fee you pay for 1 year you will only need to retain 1 customer to make it pay. look at it that way.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)


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