IMI approves new Klarius training program

Klarius teams up with the IMI to independently validate its latest emissions product training modules

IMI approves new Klarius training program
Left to right: IMI business development managers Colin Hankey and Barry Williams with Klarius business development director Paul Hannah, during a tour of the Klarius facility in Cheadle, Staffordshire.

Emissions products are evolving quickly to keep up with the latest European legislations and are becoming much more complex, according to Klarius.

This has had an effect on the design of catalytic converters (CATs) and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in particular, which in some cases are being amalgamated into one component.

Klarius identified the need for technical knowledge to be passed down from manufacturers of these components to the distribution channels that retail them and the garages and technicians who specify and fit the products.

The overall aim is to ensure a better quality replacement component and correct fitment for motorists.

Doug Bentley, head of research and development at Klarius said: “There is a lot of problem solving going on in garages.

“If a component fails, it is for a reason.

“Not only do technicians need to know the latest fitting techniques, they also need to be able to analyse the symptoms and failure modes and rectify accordingly.

“Otherwise, the fault will reoccur if the initial cause is not repaired.

“This process is becoming more difficult as emission control systems become more complex and the part engine management plays increases.”

A spokesperson for the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) said: “We are really pleased to be working with Doug and the team at Klarius.

“They have recently written an excellent two day IMI Quality Assured Program (QAP) covering exhausts, CATs, DPFs and Additive Systems – which addresses many of the challenges garages and technicians encounter.

“We are pleased today that after our audit the Klarius Cheadle site is now an approved IMI training centre, and the QAP course has also passed the IMI requirements and is now accredited for delivery to candidates.

“Not only is the information superb, but the learning outcomes are clearly defined and this fits perfectly into a CPD requirement.

“We are also looking at releasing condensed versions of the course modules as videos as an interactive online resource for our members worldwide.”

Klarius Products Ltd is the UK’s largest manufacturer of aftermarket equipment, offering more than 10,000 line items.

Klarius produces all of its exhausts, CATs and DPFs to type-approval standards – the EU legislation that regulates product quality and acceptable emissions levels.

Klarius independently tests its components on a state-of-the-art emissions test track and fit tests each design to vehicles of the exact make and model before putting them into production.

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