Survey suggests more customer service reminders

Survey suggests more customer service reminders

New research has revealed that garages shouldn’t be afraid to contact  customers a number of times either side of service due date.

Digital agency Marketing Delivery surveyed 28 dealers covering 260,000 service reminders. Email net open rates averaged over 34% and was highest at 43%  60 days before service, falling to 18% 60 days after scheduled service.

Marketing Deliver also compared volume and prestige brands, finding higher open rates for prestige brands. The key message is that there isn’t really a wrong time to contact and if anything, garages are under-using digital service reminders, missing out on an important source of revenue.

“Some customers will be grateful for a number of reminders to spur them into action, whilst others appreciate an early warning to act. And even after the service due date has passed, customers will still respond to activity, even if it’s to say they no longer own the car,” a spokesman added.

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