Meeting Euro NCAP rear seat safety requirements

Meeting Euro NCAP rear seat safety requirements

TRW say occupant protection for drivers and passengers has improved significantly in previous years – mainly as a result of regulatory changes and greater demands from New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) ratings. However, the level and sophistication of available features on front and rear seats can differ on many vehicles

“Euro NCAP’s new rating scheme from 2015 will focus on rear seat safety for a wider range of occupant sizes,” said Dirk Schultz, engineering director, TRW Inflatable Restraint Systems.  “From 2015, tests will focus on older and larger children who use booster seats.”

To maintain a five star rating, vehicle manufacturers will have to meet the more stringent standards set for rear seat occupants.  Added Schultz: “As a leader in the development and manufacture of airbags and seat belts, TRW is well placed to support its customers in offering best in class rear seat safety.”

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