Servicing down over 25% in 10 years

Servicing down over 25% in 10 years

The average number of services per car has fallen 27% in the last decade from 1.28 per year in 2002 to 0.93 last year according from the 2013 Castrol Professional Car Servicing & Repair Trend Tracker report as more customers put off non-essential work.

The data is heavily weighted towards independents with job card analysis from 15,575 compared to 5,335 franchised dealers and around 3,000 bodyshops.

Retail mechanical repairs per car also dropped from 0.77 in 2002 to 0.72 in 2012. Together, servicing and repair jobs have fallen 20% from 2.06 per car per year to 1.65..

Chris Oakham of Trend Tracker said: “The fall in services is a result of longer servicing intervals coupled with a trend of declining average annual mileages. The long-term downward trend in repairs per car is most likely due to improvements to quality of modern vehicles, but is also very likely influenced by owners putting off non-essential repair work during the recession.”

Jo Clayton, Castrol franchised workshop marketing manager pointed out the importance this data gives to making the most out of all workshop visits saying: “Installing an electronic visual health check system can help identify additional legitimate repair work, with clear print-outs to help upselling and tracking work for later follow-ups.”

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