Garage owner may be named Mr Jaguar Services

Garage owner may be named Mr Jaguar Services

An independent garage owner who has run Alan Carr Jaguar Services for 14 years has been asked to consider a neutral name by lawyers for Jaguar.

They claim he has infringed its trademark but Mr Carr of North Shields has fought back promising to change his own name by deed poll – to Mr Alan Carr Jaguar Services – rather than be forced to rebrand.

Carr, 52, said: “I am an enthusiast who has built up a business around his interest. I have a website which uses my company name, but I have never passed myself off as Jaguar.

“And I have just invested in a new diagnostic system as used by main dealerships, which cost a lot of money, and then this hits me.”

Jaguar Land Rover told the Daily Mail in defense of what appeared heavy handed tactics that it needed to protect its trademark to maintain its reputation as a premium automotive manufacturer.

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