JLR threaten legal action over copy Evoque

JLR threaten legal action over copy Evoque

Chinese manufacturer LandWind has unveiled a car at last week’s Guangzhou motor show that bears far more than passing resemblance to Range Rover’s best-selling Evoque.

Besides the distinctive body shape, details like lights, radiator grill and even the silver logo lettering across the front bonnet edge are all mirrored into the new X7’s design.

One clear difference is the price point; the X7 will sell at £14,000 against £40,000 for the real thing.

Jaguar Land Rover chief executive Dr Ralf Speth told Autocar magazine: “The fact that this kind of copying is ongoing in China is very disappointing. The intellectual property (IP) is owned by Jaguar Land Rover and if you break that IP then you are in breach of international regulations.”

Those looking at the cut price X7 will want to wait for safety results after  LandWind’s CV9 people-carrier scored just two stars out of five in European crash tests in 2010.

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