Nissan’s new aftersales packages offer ‘fixed prices’

Nissan’s new aftersales packages offer ‘fixed prices’

Nissan have launched a new UK aftersales package branded ‘Nissan Service Care’ built around fixed price servicing.

Their aim is to offer the ‘industry’s most straightforward and transparent Aftersales proposition’ backed with ‘clear and competitive’ pricing.

Nissan will be promoting the offering through the dealer networks by majoring on what they say are their core strengths of ‘manufacturer-trained technicians’, ‘exceptional product knowledge’ and ‘superior quality parts’.

Chris Marsh, Nissan Aftersales Director said: “We have spent a great deal of time developing Nissan Service Care, studying the market place and consulting with our customers and dealers as we wanted to get it just right.

“Car servicing costs can be inconsistent making it difficult for customers to budget when it comes time to service their vehicle.”

Fixed price servicing sees petrol engine services priced at £149 and £219 for ‘minor’ and ‘major’ services with the diesel rates slightly higher at £159 and £249.

There are also plans to extend eVision vehicle assessment. This involves a trained technician identifying any concerns or problems, filming it and making a personalised video explaining what’s needed that is then emailed to the customer so they can make an informed decision.

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