Jaguar Land Rover increases EV training to lower high repair costs

New comprehensive programme aims to equip mechanics for EV servicing

Jaguar Land Rover increases EV training to lower high repair costs
Photo: Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is taking significant steps to address the skills shortage in electric vehicle (EV) servicing, which has been escalating repair costs for EV drivers.

The company has begun a comprehensive training programme, equipping thousands of mechanics globally with the necessary skills to service EVs.

JLR has successfully trained 95% of the mechanics at its affiliated garages to handle EVs, a move that includes over 10,000 individuals worldwide and 1,651 mechanics across 136 JLR workshops in the UK alone. The company is also training approximately 2,400 factory workers in Britain in EV production methods.

This initiative aligns with JLR’s plans to launch the first all-electric Range Rover later this year. Currently, only one in five car mechanics are trained to service EVs, leading to increased insurance premiums for EV owners due to higher service fees.

JLR plans to electrify its entire vehicle lineup by 2030. Barbara Bergmeier, JLR’s Executive Director of Industrial Operations, said:

“The realisation of our strategy is dependent on the skill of our people, and a more diverse workforce brings additional strength.”

To help their supply chain to become more robust, JLR is bringing the production of some EV components in-house. The company will produce its own electric drive units in Wolverhampton and utilise batteries manufactured in Somerset by sister company Agratas.

Last year, JLR faced significant challenges when an overhaul of its parts supply network caused severe delays at garages. The company announced in February that the bottlenecks were beginning to ease.

Source: Business Matters

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