Japanese auto giants prioritise cleaner engines over EVs

Toyota, Mazda, Subaru team up on advanced ICE tech for Carbon Neutrality

Japanese auto giants prioritise cleaner engines over EVs
Mazda's Sykeactiv engine.

Japanese carmakers Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru are looking to traditional internal combustion engines for carbon neutrality, instead of electric vehicles (EVs).

In a surprising move, these industry leaders announced a joint commitment to developing cleaner internal combustion engines (ICEs) as a key strategy.

This approach strays from the global push towards EVs.  At a recent Tokyo event, the companies unveiled their plans, including Toyota showcasing their “reborn” compact ICE. This new engine emphasises improved integration with electric motors, batteries, and other hybrid components. Toyota CEO Koji Sato said:

“We believe this engine has immense potential in the electrification era and will play a crucial role in achieving carbon neutrality.”

The three manufacturers are looking beyond gasoline too, aiming for compatibility with alternative fuels like biofuels and e-fuels. They’re also focusing on vehicle design improvements. By lowering car bonnets, they aim to create more aerodynamic models that demand less power from the engine.

This strategy reflects a cautious approach compared to the aggressive EV adoption seen in China and Europe. These Japanese giants aren’t abandoning EVs entirely. They’ve all launched electric models and confirm future development of battery-powered cars. But, their focus appears to be on offering a wider range of solutions for a carbon-neutral future, not just EVs.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Despite all the hype fully EV for all was never the realistic answer, well done to these comapnies for having the presence of mind to look at the problem with a measured view and to predict the future where we have a mix of power trains to sui the needs of the wider transport landscape

  2. EV’s have never been the answer. All they do is shift the pollution elsewhere, decimate the Earth for the precious materials required and exploit child labour. Cleaner solutions like Hydrogen and these measures announced by the Japanese are the way forward,

  3. Engineers need to be the people who decide how zero emissions are achieved. Politicians should mandate the outcome ( IE zero emissions) and then leave it to designers to achieve the target. Ill-informed people deciding how to achieve the goal is counter-productive. I am reminded of Fords work on lean burn engines in the late 80s which was killed by the top down adoption of catalytic convertors.


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