Kwik Fit quote student over £600 to repair non-existent air-con

Brighton student was quoted repair costs for air-conditioning machine that her car does not have

Kwik Fit quote student over £600 to repair non-existent air-con
19-year-old broke down into tears after quotation. (Stock image).

Kwik Fit provided a student with a £685 air-conditioning quote, despite the vehicle not even being fitted with the machine.

Stevie Stowell, a student from Brighton, was told her Citroën C1 would need its air conditioning repaired after a warning light appeared on her dashboard.

Luckily her father, Dean, sought a second opinion, where he was informed that the car does not have air-con, reports the Daily Mail.

Stevie explained: “I have no knowledge of cars, so I just trusted that they’d got it right when they said I needed to pay to get the air conditioning fixed.

‘I was so upset when I heard; I don’t have that kind of money, I’m a student with a part-time job at Topshop.”

“I felt helpless, I was wiping tears off my face; that car is my lifeline.”

Her father added: “When she was told how much she would have to pay she burst into tears.

“I tried to console her, I was at Piccadilly Circus at the time, but I took the rest of the day off to come and pick her up because she was in a right state.

“She thought her car was kaputt.”

“Genuine mistake”

Kwik Fit has reimbursed the 19-year-old the £50 fee it charged her for the diagnostics tests, and also apologised to her father.

A spokesperson for the fast fit commented: “This was a genuine mistake for which we fully apologise.

“We made a misdiagnosis which led to incorrect information and a wrong quote being given to Mr Stowell.

“Unfortunately it was not picked up when we got a price for the part from our supplier, it would usually be flagged if a particular vehicle doesn’t require the part in question.

“Clearly if we had started the work we would have quickly seen that it was not an air conditioning issue, and would have provided the right advice.

“However, we understand that this is of little comfort after the event, which is why we apologise to Miss Stowell and have refunded the cost of the diagnostic test.”

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    jim walker

    Mmmmmmmm, diagnosed an air con problem, they must be brilliant or have magical powers or as I suspect are just a bunch of no good useless con artists, full of bull poo, as are most of the fast fit fraternity.

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    The issue being that the staff are not adequately trained/qualified, some struggle to change light bulbs and batteries and seemingly cannot understand the diagnostic equipment they use. I note their recent announcement to offer a DPF cleaning service, irrespective of who the 3rd party is they still have to remove and replace the things and its not just about clamping the unit back on again!

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    Joe Brookshaw

    I had a customer who went in with a puncture repair and came out with a quote for£1600 was told car was not road worthy we at Brookshaw motors checked and carried out repairs to make it safe to be on the road for £220 ,they are a rip of ,the mechanics can earn up to £500 a month on bonus for selling parts not required I no this as a family member works at a fast fit firm which I won’t name

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    Peter Miles

    I could fill this page with stories of things I’ve personally dealt with caused by quick-fits. Why anyone would ever to go to them, apart from tyres, is just beyond me.

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    i was phoned by a customer on day he had put his car in for a oil and filter change then i would not start the car is still on there ramp the muppets had went in with a scanner and turned off his immobiliser on the car it would not start all you had to do was reinigalise the the system they did not have a clue and when i handed them a bill for this they were less than impressed but it was there blunder they should not off been in that system all they had to do was reset the oil light but is was a manually set that is how much they new

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    Peter davidson

    Really!!!! There is no way you can misdiagnose a car without air con fitted. This is another blatant lie by a company that lies, cheats and encourages its staff to lie, cheat and deceive the public. My only possible explanation is they employee complete idiots who do not know what an air con system is. As a garage owner, these guys are destroying our credibility, one thinks another visit to TV to show how bad they are. I encourage the owner of the car to report and prosecute this garage for fraud and deception. PLEASE do not let them off the hook !!!

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    Danny Trigg

    I like how they try and pass the butt to the suppliers ““Unfortunately it was not picked up when we got a price for the part from our supplier, it would usually be flagged if a particular vehicle doesn’t require the part in question” – They cannot even take responsibility for there actions very poor

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    Kwik fit in widnes told my sister in law she needed new shocks all round but my brother smelled a rat as they had been replaced less than 12 months earlier with performance parts. On inspection there was nothing wrong with them. Seems they Saw woman driver and tried to take her to the cleaners.

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    Neil Skuse

    Why anybody in their right minds would use these inept and clueless centres is beyond believe.
    The industry is fully aware how these branches make their wages.upselling to their customers.
    Not to mention the quality of work.
    The public are their own worst enemy as they keep going back for more.

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    anthony roe

    I totally agree with you, blaming their suppliers now well exactly who are your suppliers than kwik fit lets have it, total lies we know all about you as you have been on watchdog not once but twice yet still trading standards still will not take you on or vosa come to that but if i did that in my independant garage i would be shut down immediately, yes why do the public keep going back there spending their hard earned money on things that they just don’t need, perhaps the only way to stop it is for the authorities to do some test purchasing just like they do to the independant garages, this will not happen because some of this powers to be actually sit on Kwick fits board of directors and this is why they get away with it time and time again, the only way is for the public to listen and stop using them so they cant upsell their grime to anyone anymore then hopefully they eventually run out of money to peddle there grime and just go bust but i doubt that will happen

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    any mechanic who has half a brain would spot that the car didnt have air con simply by looking on the dashboard and seeing that there isnt a a/c button. failing that when you do diagnostics you would check whether the belt was on and the clutch is engaging on the air con pump and whether it was gased up. total con merchants. we independant garages urge the public to stay away from kwick fit

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    They did me over when I was a slip of a lass. I knew they were doing it but I was stuck miles from home. I’ll never ever go back. One of our mechanics used to work for them and he told us about the bonuses and practice of upselling that they all have to do there. This is why he works for us and not them. We have also paid for him to do courses to bring his work up to standard. He is currently doing his level 3.

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    steve ward

    i am wardog

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