Lorry careers off “Britain’s worst road” and gets stuck in ditch

Nerve-wrecking stretch of road known as "The Gauntlet" catches out truck driver

Lorry careers off “Britain’s worst road” and gets stuck in ditch
Police were called after the lorry. Image: Tom Rushton.

Police were called to help a lorry that became wedged in a ditch on a Lincolnshire road which has been dubbed as “Britain’s worst” by The Sun.

The lorry became stuck while the driver attempted to turn

The two-mile long South Fen Road dramatically rises and falls and is plagued with potholes, cracked tarmac and features steep ditches either side.

Witness, Tom Rushton, said: “The driver said he had missed his destination and was backing into the farm’s driveway to to turn around.

“He just got his rear wheels of the trailer on the wet ditch bank and sank.

“In places it is really bad, there are a lots of dips and pot holes – it is like an assault course.”

The Sun previously reported that 55-year-old Steve Chantry said: “It’s terrifying and far too dangerous to drive on.

“If you went at the 60mph limit you’d kill yourself.”

Another local told the Sun: “You often hear a crunch when people crush their front end or spin off.”

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