Main dealer dupes pensioner into part ex’ing 22,000-mile car for brand new one

Great-grandmother claims to have been encouraged to buy new car without realising it'll require £4K final payment

Main dealer dupes pensioner into part ex’ing 22,000-mile car for brand new one

An 84-year-old grand-mother is suffering with sleepless nights after she realised her car, which she was encouraged to get by her main dealer while her previous 22,000-mile car was being serviced, required one final down payment of £4,000.

Ann White left the Bradford-based Skoda dealership three years ago with a new Citigo after agreeing to a PCP deal of £104 a month, The Telegraph and Argus reports.

She now fears she could lose her car, and her independence, because she cannot afford the final payment for the vehicle.

Mrs White accepts she signed the paperwork for the PCP agreement, but admits she “switched off” while everything was being explained to her.

Mrs White said: “I need my car and I’m having nightmares about it.

“When Skoda started talking about a £4,000 payment I didn’t know what they were talking about.

“What on earth am I going to do?”

“I lie in bed and think ‘what on earth am I going to do?

“I wish I had never got the car.”

Barbara Siddron, Mrs White’s friend, regularly checks her finances and noticed the former teacher is due to make the £4,000 payment in January.

Angus Keith, director of D.M. Keith Ltd, which has the Skoda dealership in Bradford, has agreed to meet with Mrs White to discuss a way forward.

He said: “We have a meeting set up with Mrs White.

“We will give her some options and work with her to find a suitable conclusion.”

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    Ken Ashton

    Why on earth , if Skoda cars are good (and they should be ) should the lady be replacing a 22,000 mile car with a new one ? The salesman is out of order , she had a lease-type deal with a residual value to be settled at the end by the sounds of it . This was obviously not explained properly . I have seen this in misleading adverts in newspapers etc on another manufacturers car , all the customer sees is the low monthly payment .

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    Mario Lavergata


    Just another way a main dealer tries to lock in customers. I had a customer who got an Audi A1 on PCP.

    Audi priced up the cambelt replacement. We came in £175 cheaper but she was frightened away by the salesman telling her it would affect the residual value at renewal time if the belt wasn’t changed by Audi.

    Just another shocking way dealers try to lock customers in the PCP purchases.

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    alan ridgley

    She should have packed up driving @70!

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    Len Carne

    Really? I’m 70 and still running my business single handed, MOT testing, car sales etc let alone driving a car!

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    Maybe she duped the dealership to get
    a lot of money knocked off!
    “OAP rips off dealership”

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    Eddie Hawkins

    Shame on you Alan Ridgley and Steve what ever your name is a lot of my customers are senior citizens and they have the same rights as every one else and should be treated with respect not conned into buying new cars on lease.This dealership should pay up the four grand and take out of the sales director commision/bonus and remember Alan and Steve you to will be a senior citizen one day.

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    Well Hawkins you only have one
    side of the story and your assuming
    I’m not an OAP!

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    Mark Bradbury

    Let’s face it that was sharp practice by the robbing main dealers. But let’s face it, cash is all they live for or do they accept 22k miles is quite high for a skoda

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    Very sad to read, Common sense should have prevailed rather than pushing for a sale! Why on earth would the dealership recommend that Ann would be requiring a new car being of 84 years of age?, when her previous vehicle had only 22k miles on the clock? the engine would not have even been broken in yet!
    I really hope Ann lives over and beyond to collect her Birthday card from the queen, but surely a vehicle with such low mileage would have seen her through her driving days?

    All the very best to Ann I hope she gets it sorted, I am more than happy to contribute to a donation if it helps poor Ann!.

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    Who do you think you are advising someone to give up driving? Mind it and concentrate on the subject – “conning elderly people”

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    Jonny Bravo

    Just trade it in and get another one on pcp simples

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    Marcus Hamblin

    Skoda, simply clever. What’s the surprise here, a main dealer depends on selling cars parts and labour, its a business and not a hobby. My advice is to wear two sets of underwear whenever entering these establishments and this should help in not being shafted.

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    It says in the article “She switched off” during the part where the dealer explained what she was agreeing too… if she had listened perhaps she would have heard what she was signing up too and if she just didn’t understand what they were saying to her she shouldn’t have signed up.
    We also only get to read this article for all our information which is usually written in a way to try and roil up readers to get them talking and hey look it’s working. An unfortunate story but cars are not free.

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