Man invents electric car battery tech capable of 1,500 mile range

Austin Electric to produce hybrid 'conversion kits' for traditional petrol and diesel cars from next year

Man invents electric car battery tech capable of 1,500 mile range
The news technology is reported to be much simpler and cheaper to manufacture than lithium-ion batteries currently used to power electric vehicles.

A former Royal Navy officer has invented what’s being dubbed a revolutionary new type of fuel cell, capable of powering cars for 1,500 miles on a single charge.

Austin Electric, which owns the right to use the Austin Motor Company logo, is to start manufacturing Trevor Jackson’s brainchild from next year.

Austin’s chief executive, Danny Corcoran said: “It can help trigger the next industrial revolution.

“The advantages over traditional electric vehicle batteries are enormous.”

Trevor began experimenting in his workshop in 2001 and his latest version uses electrolyte which works with low-purity metal, including recycled drinks cans.

The formula, which is top secret, is the key to his device.

Austin Electric will manufacture the new technology for the Asian market to power tuk-tuks before going into production with electric bikes.

Conversion kits

Conversion kits for traditional petrol and diesel cars will also be available from next year at a cost of around £3,500.

The kits, which are described by Trevor as a “stepping stone” to fully vehicles, will mean regular cars can be fitted with aluminium-air cells and electric motors fitted the the rear wheels, turning them into a hybrid.

Instead of a vast network of charging points, all that is necessary are sites where cells can be swapped, similar to how propane gas bottles are exchanged.

According to Trevor, swapping a battery takes about 90 seconds.

Supermarket discussions

He and Corcoran say they are in ‘advanced discussions’ with two major supermarket chains to provide this facility.

However, industry sceptics claim Trevor’s technology is unproven, and its benefits exaggerated.

But an independent evaluation by the Government agency UK Trade and Investment said in 2017 that it was a “very attractive battery” based on “well established” technology, and that it produced much more energy per kilogram than standard electric vehicle types.

Trevor added: “It has been a tough battle but I’m finally making progress.

“From every logical standpoint, this is the way to go.

“We are in discussions with two aircraft manufacturers.

“It’s not going to be suitable for jets.

“But it would work in propeller planes, and be suitable for short-haul passenger and cargo flights.”

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    Good luck to him !
    We shouldn’t forget that most of the great steps forward started with a man in a shed not a huge company.

    #187067 Reply
    Alastair Mayne

    Very true (the man in the shed analogy), but I’m also mindful of the phrase ‘if it looks too good to be true, it probably is’…

    #187170 Reply

    Very true Alastair, but it could just possibly be the start of something big.
    If it is I hope he is not tempted to sell it to Musk or one of the Chinese manufacturers.

    #187172 Reply
    adrian j walker

    good luck to him, the others above are quite right the best inventions are always from a man in a shed with an idea, most don’t see the light of day as big business get hold of them and shelve them as they would probably put them out of business. lets support this guy, hope it works as well as claimed and lets hope it remains British. go back to the industrial revolution, that started in the iron bridge gorge in a cave and that gave us and the world what we have today

    #187177 Reply
    Eddie Bamber

    Good luck to him, I hope it works out. I also hope that he doesn’t sell out to a large company which will then shelve his idea as Dougal said, or that he is found dead in mysterious circumstances in an apparent ‘suicide’.

    #187916 Reply

    I think this has been discredited on youtube…….

    #188565 Reply
    H McCormick

    This is Not new Tec yrs ago Tesla couldn’t get the Electrolyte stable enough to work with the Ali, Big Multinational companies will try buy all the rights to this Patent through other companies to stop it from becoming the Big thing that it really is’ This is The Future make no mistake about it once this has been put into the Transport system worldwide it will be with us for yrsand will only get better the Petrol /Diesel powered vehicles will be limited only to Classic Cars/ Vehicles which will definitely be for the good of everybody .

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