MOT mistake could cost drivers £2,500

Vehicles failing updated MOT are not roadworthy, even before old certificate has expired

MOT mistake could cost drivers £2,500
Drivers caught on the road after a failed MOT can incur heavy fines. Image: Bigstock.

Motorists whose cars have failed an early MOT but who continue to drive until the expiry date can be given six points on their license and fined up to £2,500, according to the Daily Star.

What many drivers don’t realise is that an original MOT is invalidated if a recent one has failed.

Police can use cameras to detect cars that have failed an MOT, regardless of if there’s time left on their old pass certificate.

“Many drivers will not be aware a refused MOT will be recorded on the national database, potentially alerting your vehicle to the traffic police,” according to

“A current valid certificate doesn’t make a car ‘road safe’.

“Serious faults flagged up by an MOT inspector, and these not being addressed, could leave you seriously liable.”

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