DBS checks to be introduced for new and returning MOT testers

Basic disclosure certificate needed for newly qualified and returning MOT testers from 1 April

DBS checks to be introduced for new and returning MOT testers
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Some MOT testers will need a basic disclosure certificate (DBS check) before carrying out a demonstration test from April, the DVSA has announced.

The change applies to newly qualified MOT testers, suspended MOT testers who want to return to testing and MOT testers who have not carried out an MOT test in the last five years.

The disclosure check must be dated within three months of the tester’s DVSA demonstration test.

In a special notice, the DVSA said: “The purpose of the basic check is to confirm a person’s identity and that they do not have any unspent convictions.

“This helps us to protect the integrity of the MOT scheme.”

In England and Wales, disclosure checks are carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

In Scotland, disclosures checks are provided by Disclosure Scotland.


  1. Ok if someone been naughty and struck off, should be for life.

    Dont think jo public will care if mot tester has a record for riding a bicycle without lights, or watching tv with no license

    If they from different country then agree, could be wanted in their home country for something

  2. All this agro for 35k a year if your lucky, its not worth the hassle you earn more money being a thick lorry driver or stacking shelves in some super market.


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