DVSA emails testing stations amid fears over a new two-year MOT schedule

It is right that DfT keeps MOTs under review and considers whether changes to testing should be made, DVSA says

DVSA emails testing stations amid fears over a new two-year MOT schedule
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The DVSA has this week emailed MOT testing stations about what it describes as “potential changes to MOT requirements” following a proposal to change the requirement for an MOT test from every year to every two years.

In an attempt to reassure workshops, the agency said a public consultation would need to be held before new legislation would be introduced.

It suggested the consultation would give MOT sites and other interested parties alongside members of the public an opportunity to speak out on the proposal.

In its email, the DVSA said: “Our roads are among the safest in the world and both the Department for Transport (DfT) and DVSA will make sure this remains the case.

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“We want to reassure you that any proposals to change MOT requirements would only happen after a thorough assessment of the safety implications.”

petition calling for the scrapping of plans to reduce the frequency of MOT tests is quickly gaining industry support and now has more than 7,000 signatures.

Launched by Stephen Browne of Meadowfield AutoCentre in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the petition raises the safety concerns associated with a reduction in MOT frequency after Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps suggested relaxing the frequency of MOTs to every two years, rather than one to help ease the cost of living crisis.

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The DVSA’s email continued: “The MOT service has been in place for a long time and during that period cars have changed greatly.

“There have been considerable safety improvements with more warnings of problems to drivers and automation.

“And there are new types of vehicle – hybrid and electric cars in particular, and these may also change the picture.

“It is right therefore that DfT keeps the system under review and considers whether changes to testing should be made in the light of these developments.”

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  1. From the way the email is written I would say the decision has already been made to go to 2 yr tests.
    As well as “road safety”, what about the investment that companies make in running Mot stations, the hoops we have to jump through to keep DVSA happy !! At this rate, garages will be seeing DVSA inspectors more frequently than they see the same car for Mot !!

    • Standard government that.

      Unless the rozzers going to be pulling cars that were mot d 18 months ago and invoices for bald tyres lights etc

  2. Our roads are not kept up safe standards in this country. To many pot holes and uneven road surfaces.
    This is just one of the reasons why MOT’s should not be extended to every 2 years due to tyres and suspension taking a hammering on roads that aren’t upheld by local councils

  3. It would be a fools folly to go to 2 year testing. I test in a low income area where cars just do not get proper servicing relying on the annual mot to find faults.my fail rate is above national average because of this. Now if these vehicles go to 2 year testing there are going to be some potentianol death traps on the roads.

  4. indeed it has all ready been decided after all they didn’t consult garages when they took 6 months Work off everyone 2 years ago this stinks of another EU directive s as we have left the EU in name only

  5. Yep, only a matter of time I’m afraid!!! But wait because new vehicles are a lot more advanced now remember!!!! They now let the driver know that the tyres are bald, that the shock absorbers are leaking, that there is excessive play in the ball joints and suspension bushes and that the springs are broken due to the disgraceful conditions of most roads… Then don’t forget new hybrid and electric vehicles don’t suffer from these types of faults anymore????!!!!!!

    • Spot on mate, exactly what I was going to say.

  6. I would like to invite The minister for transport to spend a week in a Mot station and witness first hand what a suicidal act of changing the mot test from one year to two his advisers must not live in the real world where not everyone can afford new vehicles when they come up to 3 years old they dispose of them for new
    Vehicle’s that have pass and advise are presented next year with the advisory items where they now become fail and in some cases dangerous have spent time on the roads in such a condition
    So Please Grant do not be a sheep go and see for yourself have facts not fiction from your advisor’s

  7. Simple make those responsible (Name the persons) for implementing this unbelievable change, when accidents happen life’s are lost due too not keeping the vehicle fit for purpose those whom implemented this action made responsible, general MOT testing stations whom work on all vehicles from 30yr olds too 3yr know this is a BIG mistake. What advantage is it ? and too whom? loss of revenue to inland revenue on labour/parts sales – motor parts sellers like Euro/MPD and main dealers will have there revenues reduced, staff lay offs premises closed an immediate knock on effect to all in the motor trade.
    Is this an EU directive – Thought we were out.

  8. still cars running around with no mot since the 6 month extension most independents will just close the government have basically told the public car safety isn’t important , we are seeing cords and tread coming off low mileage cars already , time for a career change, will the training be extended to 2 years nope will the calibrations nope everything is stacked against us in this trade decent techs want 30 k upwards mot testers 27 k upwards garage proprietors income down year on year


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