DVSA urges motorists to bring MOT forward as exemption chaos continues

Vehicle owners advised to bring test forward to May, June or July in bid to avoid busy Autumn period

DVSA urges motorists to bring MOT forward as exemption chaos continues
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The DVSA is urging motorists with a vehicle MOT due in August, September, October and November 2021 to bring their vehicle in for a test during May, June or July instead.

It comes as MOT predictions once again show the autumn months to be significantly busier than usual as a result of last year’s six-month MOT exemption.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “Last year we issued exemptions to help keep industry moving during the pandemic.

“As a result, test dates are not evenly spread throughout the year and August, September, October and November are significantly busier than usual.

“For peace of mind, we are advising vehicle owners with test dates in August, September, October and November to bring their vehicle in for test during May, June or July instead, to avoid the busier months.”

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It follows recent survey findings that suggest one in 10 drivers that received the six-month MOT extension for their car during the first coronavirus lockdown are unaware when it now expires.

Comparison site Gocompare – which undertook the survey – says 13 per cent of drivers can’t remember when their car is due its MOT.

Meanwhile, Kwik Fit research estimates that up to two million cars could be on the road without a valid MOT.

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    The DVSA is urging motorists with a vehicle MOT due in August, September, October and November 2021 to bring their vehicle in for test during May, Jun
    [See the full post at: DVSA urges motorists to bring MOT forward as exemption chaos continues]

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    And just where are they doing this? I haven’t seen one tv ad, heard 1 radio ad or seen anything in the press ‘urging’ people to do anything! They’re doing nothing as always. It should say ‘DVSA leaves it to garages to ask customers to get their mot’s done early’

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    Well they proper messed it up, I haven’t had one customer in since March this year for a MoT test. Going through my last years list it will be like this till late August. What exactly is the DVSA doing about this …….. Nothing

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    Peter patton

    Total joke , they told us we could remain open ! No grants that hospitality received , then they extended everyone’s MOT , we have nothing to do and the extended tests are never coming back , if we dont get support I can see lots going under ! Then where will people go for the Autumn stampede ! Total joke

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    Mark Pilmer

    Hahahahahah they are joking of coarse, most customers just heard 6 months free so they had it done then, trying to get them back early will be a very difficult task!

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    Daft one as it was DVSA who have caused this industry problem . Workshops are loosing their shirt on staff and equipment costs , calibrations etc etc .Sick of hearing about hospitality going to close , garages are hurting .
    Easy way to sort it , DVSA have the database , contact all owners who had a FREE extra six months with the old date of test and instruct them to get the car done .
    Rant over

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    Julie Pirie

    This is a absolute load of rubbish they have not said anything to anyone

    #212063 Reply

    As Paul has already Stated where are they asking them to do this ?????? Ive not seen anything either, may aswell just suggest that the DVSA are doing nothing which is what is actually happening

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    A 6 month extension was not needed in the 1st place. A 3 month possibly , but then it should have really gone on a month to month basis & monitored like everything else was. 6 Months grace has had millions of people taking the piss !
    MOt stations are now only doing a few mot’s per week ( even the busy ones)
    Personally the government need to be looking to support mot stations due to them suffering with the revenue they are loosing & still have staff etc to pay like they have with other industries.

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    Perry Lee

    Unless the DVSA offer financial incentives to motorists (or garages) I cannot see why drivers will be prepared to MOT their vehicles early. The majority leave it to the last moment especially if they suspect there will be additional repair bills.

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    DVSA urging motorists… Hah!! Please. Did DVSA not think this would happen when they had the mot exemption last year? Now garages are dead quiet looking at flies with no work. What exactly did they think was going to happen. What a bunch of …….. !!!

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    Francis Richards

    It’s too late to moan about it the damage has been done. I lost last year £260k in the work shop and as a knock on effect I recon about same this year from April until August. People normally have an mot and service combined when you can’t accommodate they go somewhere else and you loose the customer.
    DVSA need to act or many established garages will not be around any more.

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    Garage owner

    The trade is screwed.
    I have let 2 long term staff go.
    Worst 2 years ever .
    Next year will be the same.
    Thinking of just closing as I can’t be bothered anymore. After 15 years of building business up.

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    BOB Leadbeater

    We are not an ATF or MOT affiliated Our business is HGV preparation ready for test . Reading all your comments on the DVLA shut down .This has also caused us a total lack of work on the heavy goods side of the garage business ,lets hope we can handle the rush later in the year !!!! if we are still hear.. Bob…..

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    So DVSA have not only lost all these garages thousands of customers, they also made the annual test for examiners almost impossible to pass, so they made a lot of garages loose staff as well! Been a good year for them then!!! Someone at the top needs sacking!!!

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    Coincidentally the Head of DVSA left the post on 31/12/2000.
    The replacement was previously leader of the digital side of the Department of Work and Pensions.

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