In pictures: Faults on cars eligible for MOT extension

Garages struggling to stay open without MOTs despite dangerous faults being found on cars eligible for extension

In pictures: Faults on cars eligible for MOT extension
Pictures submitted by GW readers of faults found on cars eligible for the six-month MOT exemption.

Independent garages across the country are dealing with the fallout following the shock six-month MOT extension which came into for on March 30, 2020.

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) and the Independent Garage Association (IGA) are among a number of industry bodies which have warned that the majority of consumers do not realise that they are expected to ensure their car remains roadworthy.

The current MOT failure rate is 31 per cent, which means that nearly ten million vehicles do not meet even the basic roadworthiness level of compliance.

There are also fears that the extension is having a detrimental impact on the independent sector, which carries out over 80 per cent of the UK’s 30 million yearly MOT tests.

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Steve Hall of Tune-Rite Auto Services told GW: “We were forced to shut and furlough staff due to lack of trade.

“We wanted to stay open and support care workers but can’t afford to do so with no incoming trade.

“A six-month MOT extension not only raises the question around safety but also to the continuation of businesses who rely on MOT income.

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“We have also seen all main dealers close, jepodising future supplies where genuine parts are required.

“As an industry it is becoming increasingly more difficult to help the community and afford to keep the doors open.”

Meanwhile, Peter Giles who owns two independent garages said: “We normally do anywhere between 25 to 30 MOT’s a day but now it has gone down to three or four a day.”

Steve and Peter are among many GW readers who have been sending photos of dangerous MOT faults discovered on vehicles which are eligible for the six-month MOT extension.

In pictures: Dangerous faults on vehicles eligible for six-month exemption

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    Independent garages across the country are dealing with the fallout following the shock six-month MOT extension which came into for on March 30, 2020.
    [See the full post at: In pictures: Six-month MOT extension hitting garages hard]

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    Lets be honest this is nonsense its not like before the extension we never saw a vehicle with a bald tyre or a fault .
    Some vehicles leave with a full mot and a huge list of advisories that we all know could render it unroadworthy within weeks.

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    Paul Howes

    We have had in the last ten days a Zafira rear brake pads metal to metal, Vauhall Astra massive oil leak and front lower arm hanging off plus cords showing through on tyre and windscreen washer not working, Elgrand with broken rear spring, no brake lights, rear brake pipe that would probably burst as virtually worn through by hand brake cable, front brake pads less the 1.5mm, n/s/f brake binding, wipers in an awful state not clearing screen, Clio front brake grinding pads and disc u/s their are more but it gives you the idea I feel a lot of dangerous vehicles are going to be on the road with the mot extension.

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    Wendy Smith

    Hi Michael
    We are based in Dudley and are really struggling I’ve only been open 18 months anyway so this really hasn’t helped I may not be able to stay open at all as it is I’m only opening as and when needed.
    It’s awful it really is I’ve not had hardly any phone calls since this started and I can’t get a loan to help out because its a new business

    Kind regards

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    kevin griffin

    We are fortunately still open with 50% staff levels. We managed to carry out just over 50% of our normal MOTs in April with quite a number with major safety issues similar to the pictures you have posted.

    #194993 Reply
    Paul Bond

    Being an mot tester myself I think this is the reason the 6 month extension is stupid, most people don’t check there tyre pressures let alone anything else. And mot advisory’s from the year before are very rarely done.

    #194994 Reply

    This is fake , pictures 11 ,12,and 14 would have never passed the not 2 years ago with rot to the suspension area

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    It’s unbelievable how the government can give thousands of vehicles an Mot without any form of inspection, yet when one man gives 60 vehicles an Mot without any form of inspection he is jailed for 12 months.

    #194997 Reply

    We have been telling customers from the announcement that it’s a bad idea. We are seeing problems weekly with potential serious consequences had they been left for 6 months longer. Most vehicles visit the workshop once a year and plenty can go wrong over a 12 month period. 18 months is just asking for trouble.

    #194999 Reply
    john wellens

    totally agree . as an mot tester myself , can not believe this exstension , absolutely dangerous as above . did the same person who dreamed this up invent the smart motorway as well . just hope people in the former dont get killed as in the later . needs reviewing very quickly

    #195002 Reply
    William Ellis

    Iv been in the industry for 20 years im a collision repair specialist. The pictures of the suspension and subframe those part’s look like they should have been renewed years ago because that rust has been there a lot longer than a year. Who ever has been passing that in a inspection should have there mot license revoked.
    Thanks William

    #195003 Reply

    I cant believe your shite, all you really want is money so why not be truthful.

    #195004 Reply
    Samantha Mallion

    I was under the impression,if your car was due for an not,like mine in April that you couldn’t get one done as all service garages were to be shut except for emergencies but no Mots were to be permitted,hence the extension. As a driver who has to have a car due to where I live,I need it for my job. I’d rather have had my car MOT done when it was due and know it was az safe as possible! Can I go ahead and book it or is it still just key workers and NHS who are allowed? I was only furloughed April 1st and had recently spent almost £1000 which was my savings,to have a faulty switch on the auto gear lever replaced and a sensor renewed. It’s right affording an MOT let alone any work but I need my six yr old car as I’m disabled,live alone and survive on a low income due to my age (66) & disabilities. Can us ‘normal’ folk book an MOT, I for one would feel far safer when my car has its weekly run.

    #195005 Reply

    Several of those are longstanding rot, whoever passed them for the last two tests should be fined.

    I recently took my car in and asked the local MOT/garage to check the front susp especially while doing the Mot as it had developed a light wander and torque steer effect. Passed with flying colours. The next day I was waiting 6 hours for recovery and spending 750 quid on repairs after the bottom ball joint failed and folded the front wheel under the car at 30.

    Trust no one.

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    R web

    Yes ok there will be some confusion about extending MOTs during this pandemic but you can only get your car repaired if the blinking parts are available so make all parts available like they used to be then we can have garages do the repairs on the cars but only if parts are available for all makes

    #195007 Reply
    Rob Hall

    I’m a mot tester. Cannot believe the extension. I’m a mechanic for the council. Still have to go to work. No lgv pcv tests either. Asking for trouble. It’s a world gone mad.

    #195008 Reply

    Looking a the defects shown especially the welding, for someone to say it would have been there the year before is forgetting unless visably noticeable you can’t use the testing hammer/scraper, a large lump of solid rust could have dropped off exposing the hole, as to 18mth’s causing problems try being a predelivery mechanic for a big franchise, the fault’s from the factory we used to find WoW, car’s should be moted before being sold from day one they are a leathal weapon if not maintained.
    I speak from experience I started in the trade 4/6/1973 with 5 city and guilds in motor vehicle technology and numerous main dealer certificate’s.
    M.O.T is technically only valid for 24hour’s from the time of passing.

    #195010 Reply
    Lee Crain

    Mot testers aren’t the only ones affected, the reason government gave a six month extension was solely down to lockdown measures, I rely on my vehicle for work so I always make sure it road worthy, common sense really, basic maintenance should help keep a safe,

    #195012 Reply

    Things like bald tyres should be pick up by any driver regardless of technical knowledge and many other faults too. If it don’t look right it probably isn’t. Alot is hidden now but I think people are using the extension as an excuse. So think Mots should be done for the reason people can’t be trusted

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    Let’s face it, the guidelines the tester has to test by render the test a waste of time…

    #195014 Reply

    It’s a load of crap false photos to try and make the government and others feel guilty because they will loose loads of money other European countries have their mot every 2 year’s they do OK do you hear about loads of crashes due to this crap the garages are trying to guilt trip everyone all because there loosing money they will probably fail loads to gain back the money

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    Typical lack of maintenance, just jump into it and drive. If you take a little time to check your oil,tyres,lights, washers and wipers. Every driver should know there tyre pressure, do a visual check It’s only common sense.

    #195018 Reply
    David Brooks

    I am a retired qualified mech and agree that a lot of drivers don’t check or repair faults till the next not then blame the tester for the list of failers . but I must say if you have your test certificate for 12monthes it is not to say your car is not got a defect the next day your certificate of road worthy is only valid for the day of the test so look after your car for the whole year and avoid fines

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    I am a retired qualified mech and agree that a lot of drivers don’t check or repair faults till the next not then blame the tester for the list of failers . but I must say if you have your test certificate for 12monthes it is not to say your car is not got a defect the next day your certificate of road worthy is only valid for the day of the test so look after your car for the whole year and avoid fines

    #195001 Reply
    Stuart borthwick

    I’m the main tester averaging 10 tests a day, if I test a car and give it a pass ,,, shall we say a couple of tyres are take your pick on advise or fail because their so boarder line , or brake pads same scenario,, as a tester I could be in serious trouble for making the wrong decision if DVSA paid a visit and wanted to inspect the car and their opinion was different to mine,, the government has given 6 months MOT and they haven’t even ‘’SEEN’’ the car !!! How can this be acceptable????
    Also the national average failure rate which has been very stable since computerisation has dropped about 6% also the national average time per test has dropped 7 minutes , Never seen results like these before.what do these figures tell you ?? Seems to me testers have lost all confidence and think why the hell should I bother
    Me personally my average is 1% higher on failure rate and 2 minutes longer on average time per test for April , 56 tests carried out , trying to keep my business afloat and people’s sons ,daughters mothers fathers and so on safe on the streets

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