Motorists urged not to ignore minor MOT fails and advisories

DVSA calls on vehicle owners to take responsibility for regular maintenance and servicing

Motorists urged not to ignore minor MOT fails and advisories
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A fifth of cars are late for their MOT because drivers think they can’t afford it, DVSA research shows.

Last January over half a million cars had a late MOT, with more than 70,000 of these failing with a dangerous defect.

Seperate RAC findings show that a fifth of drivers whose car failed its MOT had a repair bill of £200.

The DVSA is now urging owners to save money by maintaining their vehicles more regularly as part of it’s recently revealed ‘hacks’.

Chris Price, DVSA’s head of MOT policy, said: “DVSA’s priority is helping everyone keep their vehicle safe to drive.

“These six money saving hacks will not only help spread the cost of motoring and cut the cost of repairs at the MOT but will also help make vehicles even safer.”

The hacks include booking a service six months after the MOT so it is seen regularly by a trained professional and faults can be picked up – reducing costly repairs at the MOT and helping make sure the vehicle is safe.

DVSA vehicle owner ‘MOT hacks’

1. Save: £15 each month into a car fund can help lessen the worry.
2. Split: Book the service six months after the MOT, so the car is seen regularly by a professional. 
3. Schedule: Don’t ignore minor fails or MOT advisory items. 
4. Sign up: Never forget when your vehicle is due its MOT by signing up for free MOT reminders. 
5. Safety checks: Simple regular checks will help save money at the MOT.
6. Spend 5 minutes on simple MOT prep.

The DVSA also calls on owners not to ignore minor fails or MOT advisory items.

It says: “Have an honest conversation with your garage about when to schedule these repairs and plan the cost.

“Even if a problem isn’t dangerous, having it put right is often cheaper than letting it get worse.”

With 71 per cent of vehicles late for a MOT because the owner forgot, DVSA is also urging drivers to sign up for its free MOT Reminders service.

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    Paul Taylor

    When will VOSA wake up 90% of drivers will not spend money on their cars all they ask is DID IT FAIL?? answer NO!! SO WHY DO I NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON THE ADVISORIES “The car has been deemed safe!!! by a higher trusted source”. We are not allowed to tell persuade/explain to them as you then get tarred with a very nasty money grabbing brush.
    All they worry about is, IT’s PASSED IT’s MOT its running fine. So why do they need to service it, when many of them believe the MOT is as good or better than a as a service
    In my eyes the test is a farce when you can fail a car on a faulty number plate bulb or similar petty item but not a worn steering joint or similar which will/can get dangerous very quickly.

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    I derive a sadistic pleasure when having ‘advised’ the customer of impending problems, I am obviously ignored and the vehicle returns the worse for wear (literally).
    Approximately 9 out of 10 vehicles return at some stage with the defects still evident.
    Me? No conscience, no sympathy, and tired of wasting my breath!

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    Are the DVSA forgetting that its them that have set the Mot to be the mot to be the minimum standard at time of test, raise the standard its simple

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    Philip Dunmore

    Urging is not going to have much effect. A bit of traffic policing might help.

    #191432 Reply

    While we are on the subject of M.O.Ts.
    April 6th will be the tenth anniversary of the setting of the current Test Fee.
    In that time your MP has enjoyed a pay rise of over 25%.
    I am not suggesting that MPs are over paid, they do a difficult job but so do MOT testers.


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