Prison for tester after passing MOTs without inspection

DVSA says action is being taken against MOT fraud

Prison for tester after passing MOTs without inspection

An MOT tester in Kent who passed more than 60 cars’ MOTs without any inspection has been sentenced to 12 months in prison, Kent Online had reported.

Harry Purdie, from Tonbridge, pocketed up to £10,000 by passing the vehicles in Sittingbourne-based garage T5 R Us’ name.

The 24-year-old had previously spent a month working at the garage, before he was dismissed.

Between February and April 2018, Purdie allegedly issued 66 MOT certificates.

Barney Nickalls, prosecuting, alleged Purdie made the certificates “for personal financial gain and loss to the garage”, adding: “If you’re not inspecting the vehicles you could potentially have a number of vehicles on the road that are dangerous and may cause significant injury to members of the public.”

A hearing at Medway Magistrates’ Court heard Purdie’s actions would have cost the garage’s owner, Paul Reader, loss of earnings at around £150 per MOT.

DVSA head of counter-fraud and investigations Andy Rice said: “DVSA’s priority is to protect everyone from unsafe drivers and vehicles.

“The MOT is a vital part of making sure vehicles on Britain’s roads are safe to drive. That’s why it’s so important that MOT testers act with honesty and integrity.”

Purdie, from Hectorage Road, appeared before Maidstone Crown Court last month for his sentencing and received 12 months imprisonment.

Mr Rice added: “The prison sentence in this case shows MOT fraud also has serious consequences for the offender and action will be taken against those caught red-handed.”

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    Good to see that these rogue testers are been dealt with more than a slap on the wrist though .
    But there is fault on the garage also in not removing him on the day he left their employment.
    If the had removed him then he would not have had the means to carry out what he did.

    This is half the story.

    Come on give us the full story including the outcome on the garage, donot think they got away with out a full investigation by dvsa

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    Nigel murray

    I was a mot tester in the uk before I moved to Spain, I have lived in Spain for two years and know of at least 6 uk registered cars in my local area that acquire fraudulent mot passes every year without even leaving Spain, I believe the going rate is about £300 each. It’s only a small village sized urbanisation, one of the cars hasn’t had a real mot test now for 4 years that I know of, something must be put in place to try and fix this.

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    Phil Dunmore

    Good start. DVSA and DVLA together know the names and addresses of the registered keepers of the vehicles concerned. Will they receive any punishment?

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    Steve Stephens.

    A court will let of a vicious person with a community service order ,who has smacked someone’s head in because they were drunk and in a bad mood.But a kind and generous , helpful mechanic in dirty overalls , hardly one of your well dressed learned friends,SEND him to prison.thats what you’ve got prison for,isnt it.

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    Peter Fearnley

    Great outcome for a blatant crook how dare he potentially put a car on the road that is probably dangerous let’s face it the mots he issued obviously went to drivers that only wanted the cheapest way out & almost certainly don’t look after their vehicles

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    Gary Brown

    Disgraceful behaviour and haven’t got a problem with outcome.
    I am interested in the break down regarding loss of income at £150 per mot?

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    Peter Fearnley (above) talks about putting a vehicle on the road without a test.
    That is exactly what the DVSA are doing with the 6 month (Coronavirus) extension isn’t it?

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    Gary Brown

    @ Hooters, You’re spot on there! I think they have shot themselves in the foot with that. They have devalued the importance of the need for an annual test. Very disappointing for us testers who see some owners day in day out that don’t give a dam about the condition of their vehicle!

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