Motasoft launches new online booking platform for UK garages

Consumers now expect option to book services online, says company

Motasoft launches new online booking platform for UK garages
Motasoft has released its brand new online booking system.

Whether it’s air travel, taxis or takeaways, the number of industries moving towards live on-demand booking is ever-growing – and the motor trade is no exception. 

With this in mind, Motasoft has just released its brand new online booking system, which can be plugged directly into any website.

This enables garages to offer their services online and allows customers to book MOT’s, servicing and tyres directly from their phone, tablet or laptop.

Not only does it give consumers the convenience of booking services wherever and whenever they want, it also opens up new opportunities to generate business through the web, whilst also saving garages valuable time by cutting out the administrative aspect of booking people in over the phone.

When someone makes a booking, the details are emailed to the garage and the booking is placed directly into a live online diary.

Using this diary, garages can see when jobs are booked in and manage their availability by blocking slots off if they are busy.

It can also automatically send annual service and MOT reminders, helping to retain customers year after year with little to no effort.

Jonathon Aston, managing director at Motorcare Woking, said: “Motasoft web software has improved our MOT and service business considerably.

“The online booking and fully automated customer reminders works really well, resulting in repeat business”

For those with a more hesitant attitude towards allowing customers to book online, garages have complete control over when and what their customers can book; perhaps only offering one or two booking slots a day to begin with, and then gradually building up their availability as they grow more comfortable with it.

For further information, select the ‘more details’ link or contact Motasoft on 0117 9428 678.

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