Motorists warned against using wiper blades to clear snow

Damage caused by the weight of the ice and snow could prove to be costly

Motorists warned against using wiper blades to clear snow
Avoid costly wiper transmission repairs by clearing snow off wipers before commencing your journey.

With reports of widespread snow on its way, TRICO has warned motorists against using wiper blades to clear their windscreen of the white stuff.

A spokesperson said: “When you hit the wiper switch, the motor comes on and operates the blades through a series of linkages.

“Now imagine the weight of all that snow and slush sitting on your wiper blades, which is really heavy for the blades to lift, so something is likely to break in the linkages.

“As a result, sometimes the stud at the end of the wiper arm gets stripped, or there’s damage to the linkage’s pivot balls.”

In addition, Highway Code Rule 229 states drivers must be able to see, so clear all snow and ice from all your windows, as well as what might fall off into the path or on other road users.

Failure to comply could result in £60 fine and three points.

TRICO recommends that drivers do it the right way: manually, and remembering to knock off any ice that may have built up on the wiper blade frame too.

For more information on TRICO, click ‘more details’.

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