Award-winning Mechanic to be recognised with TV show feature

Volvo mechanic Howard Cram to be on Bangers and Cash

Award-winning Mechanic to be recognised with TV show feature

Howard Cram, an internationally awarded mechanic, has made a name for himself in the automotive world. Working at Dyrdal’s Garage in Fulford, York, Howard’s passion for Volvos has been unwavering. Here’s his remarkable journey:

Howard started at Dyrdal’s at age 13, and his love for Volvos began even earlier when he won a school engineering project sponsored by the brand. After a 40-year stint directly with Volvo, Howard returned to Dyrdal’s. His contributions to the brand earned him the titles of the youngest-ever and first master technician in the North of England for Volvo. His training extends beyond regular cars; working on both electric and hybrid vehicles.

Popular TV show Bangers and Cash recognised Howard’s expertise. They chose him to repair a classic Volvo 144, before the car will be auctioned later this year. Despite working elsewhere, Howard considers Dyrdal’s his second home. His dedication to the garage and family is unwavering.

Catch Howard on Bangers and Cash, airing Thursdays at 8 pm on the Yesterday channel, where his Volvo expertise continues to shine. 

Source: Yahoo! News

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  1. I’ve known Howard professionally for many years. I first met him at Walfred Volvo in York, shorty after I started in the Paintless Dent Repair industry. He works hard, He’s honest and a thoroughly decent guy, very passionate about his chosen trade. I still own an old Volvo myself, so he’s a very handy guy to know! If you cut him in half, it would say Volvo right through him like a stick of Blackpool Rock! Don’t get to see him so often these days, but I’d always recommend him as a very good choice for anyone needing a quality Volvo mechanic.


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