Cazoo 300-point check brought into question following BBC Watchdog investigation

Dealership fails to provide evidence of its widely publicised multi-point vehicle checks

Cazoo 300-point check brought into question following BBC Watchdog investigation
Image: Cazoo.

Online used car dealer, Cazoo has come under fire from the BBC’s Watchdog programme this week over its 300-point checks.

Three customers told the programme they were not happy with the quality of the cars they bought from the platform.

Issues included faulty brakes, gearbox, snapped exhaust, leaking roof and traction control malfunctions.

The BBC investigation questioned why customers were denied the documentary evidence of the 300-point checks.

Watchdog host Matt Allwright said: “If when their cars go wrong, you can’t provide customers with evidence of those inspections, what are they really worth?”

Consumer car buying guide Parkers noted that Cazoo’s widely publicised use multi-point vehicle and provenance checks claim to exceed those of all franchised car retail’s approved vehicle schemes.

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Suzuki GB used car and cost of ownership manager at Suzuki, Ian Banks, told Parkers: “(For mechanical checks), we make roughly 75 multi-point checks, which are completed on a sheet.

“The customer can be sure these are done, as they’re required to validate the warranty we offer.”

In a statement, a Cazoo spokesperson said: “We are sorry that the three customers featured in the BBC One Show didn’t have an experience that matched their expectations.

“We regret this, however we did do all we could to quickly rectify these isolated issues and ensure that they weren’t left out of pocket financially.

“We have sold over 60,000 cars in the last two years and with 95 per cent of customers rating our service as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’ on the independent review website, Trustpilot, we believe that the way we handle any issues is what sets our service apart.”


  1. this crowd is destroying the used car market for all of us and quite frankly anyone that buys a car from them needs there head looking at

  2. Every car from these jokers that has been looked over at our garage for faults , or just a check over by the new owners has revealed a litany of faults, some potentially dangerous. Several have been returned , which in itself is hard to do as it’s hard to contact them as they don’t answer the phone !!


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