EV drivers to lose Congestion Charge discount from Christmas 2025

£10 annual exemption fee to come to an end

EV drivers to lose Congestion Charge discount from Christmas 2025
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Electric vehicle (EV) owners in London face a less-than-jolly Christmas next year. Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed that from 25 December 2025, EVs will no longer enjoy the discounted Congestion Charge rate. Currently, zero-emission models pay just £10 annually for an exemption, while other vehicles face a daily £15 charge.

The decision has raised eyebrows, with some experts finding it “puzzling.” While the UK recently celebrated over 1 million EVs on the road, Londoners have benefited from reduced Congestion Charge rates for driving zero-emission vehicles into the city centre.

In a somewhat Scrooge-like move, TfL will introduce the changes on Christmas Day. Yet, there’s a brief respite: between Christmas and New Year’s Day (inclusive), there will be no Congestion Charge, providing EV owners an unofficial grace period until 2026 begins.

TfL defends the decision, stating that ending the Cleaner Vehicle Discount (CVD) maintains the effectiveness of the Congestion Charge in managing traffic and congestion. However, around 100,000 drivers in the capital could feel the sting of losing EV discounts.

The removal of benefits is part of a broader trend, back in 2022 the Plug-in Car Grant purchase incentive was removed, and as of April 2025, EV owners will pay Vehicle Excise Duty like petrol and diesel car owners.

Source: Mail Online

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