Garage offers basic vehicle maintenance courses for new drivers

Aiming to equip those just passed with essential skills for emergency situations and routine checks

Garage offers basic vehicle maintenance courses for new drivers
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M&C Autos near the West Sussex boundary at Horne Park Farm, Newchapel, is taking proactive steps to enhance road safety and knowledge. The garage now offers basic vehicle maintenance courses, catering to both teenagers and anyone eager to learn.

Simon Metcalf, one of the managing directors, expressed concern about the lack of fundamental knowledge among new drivers. He emphasised the importance of mastering basic skills such as changing a wheel, checking the oil level, ensuring functional lights, monitoring tyre pressures, and other essential checks. These skills, he believes, should be standard for all drivers.

For instance, an empty windscreen washer fluid bottle could lead to an MOT failure, while neglecting wiper blade replacements compromises safety on the road. Simon considers this service relatively unique and has engaged with driving instructors who support its implementation.

The benefits extend beyond individual competence. Simon stated, “It would save people heaps of money and would surely aid in safety on the roads. That’s our ultimate goal for anybody.”

Feedback from parents of 16-17-year-olds has so far been positive. However, the course is open to all ages and designed to be straightforward, making sure everyone can become more self-reliant on the road.

Source: Sussex World

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