GW Podcast: Augmented reality in the workshop

Latest episode talks steering and suspension and how virtual reality could help technicians compare old parts with new

GW Podcast: Augmented reality in the workshop

There’s been some exciting developments coming from Comline this year, most notably a new virtual reality concept.

Comline Augmented Reality offers 3D visuals of its range of steering and suspension components, giving technicians a unique view of replacement parts.

Mobile users can go fully AR and augment the part into their environment allowing for direct product comparison and a hugely engaging digital experience.

Join us as we speak to Comline’s general manager for marketing and communication, Leigh Davies to find out more.

Matt Peacock of Poole-based independent garage, Star Tech opens the episode with his thoughts on industry issues. Matt talks us through his latest investments as he prepares his business for the future.

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