Halfords breaks six-month old Mercedes during dashcam fitment, owner claims

AA technician called it a "cowboy job" that had "buggered up the fuse box"

Halfords breaks six-month old Mercedes during dashcam fitment, owner claims
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Halfords has made an apology after one of its technicians damaged the fuse box of a six-month old Mercedes while fitting a dashcam.

The damage was only discovered after the owner, Sefia Rashid, called out the AA because she was experiencing problems with the vehicle’s heating system.

The roadside patrol soon discovered a problem with the fuse box.

“He looked at me and said ‘who on earth fitted your dashcam?’,” Sefia told the Manchester Evening News, explaining how she went to get a dash cam fitted at Halfords on Monday, 13 December.

“He said that the wires going into the fuses looked like a rat had been chewing them.”

The AA technician repaired the damage but Sefia worries that she could have suffered a worse fate as a result of the work carried out by Halfords.

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“It could have caused a fire or anything,” she said. “If I had continued to drive and if it was summer I wouldn’t have released the heater was broken.

A Halfords spokesperson said: “We take services and customer service very seriously, helping thousands of customers every week.

“On this occasion we have clearly fallen short of our high standards and are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, especially over the festive period.

“We are pleased to have reached a resolution with Ms Rashid and will be compensating her the cost of the remedial work, travel and the missed family events.”


  1. just use a add a circuit fuse tap great invention

    • Which i think they sell at Halfords!


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