Major brands to install automatic speed limiters on UK models

Despite the UK Government's stance, vehicles to be fitted with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technology

Major brands to install automatic speed limiters on UK models

A new EU safety regulation mandates that all car manufacturers fit speed limiters to new cars starting this week. Surprisingly, the same technology will also be incorporated into nearly all new models sold in Britain, even though the UK Government has not enforced the same requirement.

Intelligent Speed Assistance or ISA,aims to reduce road fatalities by automatically limiting a car’s speed. It utilises advanced technology to determine the speed limit for the current road.

While the UK may not enforce the mandate, leading manufacturers are seen to be ‘prioritising safety’ by embracing ISA technology – which will have the option to be switched off, but that will likely be before every journey on some models.

Source: Mail Online


  1. Hope it’s fitted to Police, Fire vehicles and Ambulances….and blood and organ transfer..and bomb deposal..and the other 10 or so groups that can use blue lights………

  2. German autobahns have no speed limits, so how does that work ? I hope this technology an be switched off with a diagnostic machine.

    • Some stretches are without an official market limit, but many sections have speed restrictions.

  3. If you read the article properly, It said “with option to turn it off, but likely before any journeys”.

  4. You would not be saying that stupid comment, if it was a member of your family they were rushing too.


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