MG4 EV faces ‘Potentially Dangerous’ issue, warns consumer watchdog

Which? identifies safety flaw in lane-assist system of Britain’s second best-selling electric car

MG4 EV faces ‘Potentially Dangerous’ issue, warns consumer watchdog

One of Britain’s most popular electric cars, the MG 4 EV, has been flagged for a ‘potentially dangerous’ issue by consumer watchdog Which?.

During controlled and repeated tests on over 100 different cars each year, Which? identified a problem with the MG 4’s lane-assist system. This system, designed to keep the car within its lane, unexpectedly pulled the vehicle onto the wrong side of the road, posing a risk of head-on collisions with oncoming traffic.

The MG 4 EV is widely regarded as one of the best electric cars on the market, with 21,715 registrations in Britain last year, second only to the Tesla Model Y.

Despite its five-star rating from Euro NCAP, Which? found a potential tech flaw that could compromise safety. Lab testers observed ‘unusual behaviour’ with the lane-departure warning and lane-keep assistance systems.

On narrow country roads, the lane-keep assistance steered the MG 4 away from the nearside edge and toward the centre, even into the path of oncoming vehicles. On wider roads, it twice pulled the car onto the wrong side of the road.

Readers of the original article went on to comment about the various issues, from ADAS systems not being able to be ‘switched off’ to their own lane-keep-assist in other models doing strange things at times.

the–shadowman from Hull, United Kingdom:

“The bigger issue is that due to EU regulation, this feature cannot be permanently turned off. It can only be turned off for that specific drive; once you re-start the vehicle, it is back on again.”

Dead Wood from Dunfermline, United Kingdom:

“I have the same problem with my car, which keeps yanking the steering wheel out of my hands when going around some corners because, apparently, broken white lines and overhanging grass confuse the system.”

Failed State Citizen from Third Rate Britain, United Kingdom:

“These systems can be dangerous. My Nissan has emergency braking that slams on the brakes for no reason. It does it if the car in the adjacent lane slows down, even when it is no hazard whatsoever to me.”

sunjester2 from Gateshead, United Kingdom:

“Clearly, manufacturers and NCAP have done insufficient real-world testing.”

Roger Boore 007 from In the field, United Kingdom:

“It’s being enforced now like stop-start is. No doubt if you have the diagnostic equipment, you could change a setting to disable it, but in doing so, you probably invalidate your insurance.”

Source:Mail Online

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