Northern Ireland MOT system faces scrutiny amid continued booking delays

Backlogs due to cracks in post lifts and covid still aren’t cleared

Northern Ireland MOT system faces scrutiny amid continued booking delays

Frustrations are mounting over Northern Ireland’s MOT system, with readers of Belfast Live reporting long wait times and calling it “not fit for purpose.”

Demand for MOT tests is rising as more cars are reaching testing age. But due to covid and cracks found in post lifts last year the current system is still struggling to keep up, leading to waits of several months for some. The lack of a valid MOT prevents car tax renewal, potentially resulting in fines.

Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd is exploring solutions, including:

  • Temporary exemption certificates to bridge the gap
  • A consultation on switching to biennial testing (every two years) for some vehicles

Readers shared their experiences:

  • Colingor (motor dealer): “Finding cancellations is impossible, they get booked up right away.”
  • mrmz: Questions why a large testing facility at Hydebank is underutilised.
  • Daddywinkerslane: Suggests checking for cancellations frequently as some last-minute slots appear.
  • Mg24 & Haveyouheardthenews: Highlight difficulties for those who work regular hours and can’t constantly refresh booking pages.
  • B3lfasthandyman: Proposes a switch to biennial testing after the initial MOT.

For those whose car tax is expiring soon (within 10 days), the DVA offers an urgent MOT test request form. However, appointments are limited and require answering calls from withheld numbers.

Source: Belfast Live / Yahoo News

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