Nebula Systems ‘inundated with interest’

Vehicle data analytics platform gives garages access to ECU data from any device through the cloud

Nebula Systems ‘inundated with interest’
The five-day show is reported to have attracted up to 150,000 visitors, yet even amongst over 4,000 exhibitors Nebula Systems say MECH5 was unique.

Nebula Systems Ltd are “busier than ever” as they continue to work through enquiries generated during the recent Automechanika Frankfurt exhibition.

The world-leading aftermarket show saw Nebula introduce MECH5, a game-changing diagnostics platform for independent garages, to a global aftermarket audience for the first time.

The next-generation diagnostics system is a secure, cloud-based, vehicle data analytics platform that can help garages access the wealth of data within the ECUs of modern vehicles from any device through the cloud.

It requires only an internet connection and the MECH5 Bluetooth OBD vehicle communications interface (VCI).

“We had almost every diagnostics brand you could think of visit our stand,” said Andrew Steer, CEO of Nebula Systems.

“Right now there’s a lot of amazement at the level of data and functionality we can deliver through MECH5.”

The show also saw a constant stream of enquiries from IT companies and systems developers looking to harness the power of MECH5 through application programming interfaces (APIs).

And whilst Andrew says looking at these opportunities is “very much in the plans” the priority now is a commercial launch into the UK market.

This will happen before the end of 2016, with MECH5 initially offering the functionality of the renowned DEC Superscan three for a wide range of vehicles.

“The immediate benefit for garages is that they can access MECH5 anytime, anywhere and on any web-enabled device,” added Andrew.

“It’s fast to use, and incredibly stable so we can develop future coverage much more quickly; there’s no reliance on specialist IT hardware which takes a lot of cost and complications away.”

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