New limited edition Aston Martin DB5s set to roll off the production line

At £2.75M it's set to become the world's second most expensive production car ever-built

New limited edition Aston Martin DB5s set to roll off the production line

Aston Martin is to re-release a short run of its historic DB5 ahead of the new James Bond film due out later this year in a special tribute to the Goldfinger classic.

Initially released in September 1963, Aston Martin will produce 25 new DBS, true to the original design.

Priced at £2.75 million, the limited edition models will roll out of Aston Martin Works Newport Pagnell factory and will become the world’s second most expensive production car ever-built with the company’s GT Zagato continuation model just topping the list.

CEO Paul Spires said: “For us to be able to deliver to customers an authentic, brand new DB5 with the smoke, with the machine guns, with the bulletproof shield and revolving number plates, it’s a great toy.”

Additional ‘James Bond’ features mean it won’t be road legal though.

Aston Martin claims the model is for a collector looking for something exclusive, and teased even heads of state could grab the new car.

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Mr Spires said: “It was a new direction that we came up with in about 2014/2015.

“It’s not something where we all of a sudden go ‘ah let’s just do these cars’ it’s very measured, we look at the marketplace.

“We look at what we can do and how we deliver it into the marketplace.

“There is a cycle plan behind this so we did DB4 GT, we did the DB4 GT Zagato last year and now we are doing the Bond car and we’re doing another car in 2021.”

Built at Aston Martin’s Works factory in Newport Pagnell, the relaunched DB5 comes in the just as the classic model is set to reappear on the silver screen in James Bond’s latest instalment.

Aston Martin Works acquired the services of James Bond special effects expert Chris Corbould to help draft up unique plans for the new car.

Extra features include two simulated twin front machine guns, battering rams, a simulated radar screen and a hidden weapons or storage tray.

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