New MOT changes boost TerraClean’s DPF cleaning solution

Significant rise in demand following garage enquiries

New MOT changes boost TerraClean’s DPF cleaning solution
The Terraclean DPF cleaning service removes stubborn carbon deposits.

TerraClean has seen an upsurge in enquiries from motorists since new MOT rules came into force.

Under the new changes to the law that came into effect on 20 May, diesel cars fitted with a DPF will now be given a ‘major’ defect and automatically fail the MOT test if they emit “visible smoke of any colour” during metered checks.

Testers will also inspect DPFs closely for signs of removal or tampering, awarding a ‘major’ defect and failing the car if foul play is detected.

To prevent a DPF-related MOT fail, TerraClean’s service centre network has witnessed an increase in enquiries from drivers.

The Terraclean DPF cleaning service includes testing and complete cleaning of the DPF, offering the additional benefit of removing stubborn carbon deposits, created as part of the vehicle’s regeneration processes, without actual DPF removal.

Martin Dowd, Randstad managing director, said: “Clogged DPFs are a growing problem for motorists particularly now under the new laws, which will result in a failed MOT.

“The solutions available from TerraClean in the efficient removal of carbon deposits and DPF cleaning means we have seen a huge number of enquiries from motorists since 20 May, placing TerraClean very much in demand now, more than ever before.”

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