‘Next gen’ cabin filter blocks allergens, moulds and particulates

MANN-FILTER's Frecious Plus cabin air filters boasts three layers for unique protection

‘Next gen’ cabin filter blocks allergens, moulds and particulates
A particle filter layer, premium activated carbon layer and bio-functional layer all feature in Frecious Plus.

The ‘next generation’ of MANN-FILTER cabin air filters has been engineered to block allergens, moulds and particulates.

In a document, MANN-FILTER explains that a particle filter layer blocks “almost 100 per cent of coarse particles such as road and tyre dust, pollen and other fine particulate matters”.

A “premium activated carbon layer removes unpleasant odours and harmful gases, including ozone, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides”.

A special bio-functional layer “contains natural polyphenol, is designed to trap allergens” and an “additional antimicrobial coating ensures that bacteria and mould have no source of nutrition”.

For full details about Frecious Plus cabin air filters, select ‘more details’ below.

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