Nissan Micra K13 recall warning

Independent rotating electrics remanufacturer urges technicians to check for burnt out starter motors

Nissan Micra K13 recall warning
Technicians should check for burnt out starter motors on some Micra models.

The push start ignition switch on the K13 series Micra (2010-onwards) has a known fault, causing the switch to remain in the pressed position and not return after the engine is switched on, Autoelectro says.

The fault can result in the starter motor not disengaging from the mesh and burning out.

A separate recall was also issued for the vehicle’s ignition coil, as it was not built to the correct specification, leading to poor starting.

Autoelectro has highlighted some useful signs and signals that technicians should look out for when working on specific models, including a blue colour on the gear shaft and pinion area, as well as rattling inside the starter motor when shaken indicating components have exploded.

Burning smell

A burning smell from the starter motor because of a potential electric insulation leak should also be investigated, and damaged pinion teeth or a broken nose cone could be signs of a significant problem.

Technicians should also look out for burnt or discoloured wiring from the solenoid to starter body and burnt or shrivelled label.

The component can be replaced with Autoelectro part number AEY2687.

Several hundred technical bulletins are available to access, free-of-charge, from the Autoelectro website to willing subscribers.

For further information on Autoelectro’s full range of products, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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