Number of misguided motorists that avoid servicing over cost fears is “alarming”

Half of UK drivers worry about unexpected car bills, survey finds

Number of misguided motorists that avoid servicing over cost fears is “alarming”
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Millions of motorists are avoiding car maintenance over fears of unexpected problems, with many admitting that they avoid getting their car serviced in case vehicle faults are found.

Around half of UK drivers (47 per cent) worry about having to pay for unexpected car repairs.

The survey of 2,000 motorists also found that a quarter (24 per cent) of those who worry about unexpected problems say this uncertainty is putting them off getting their car serviced.

The research suggests that drivers are paying hundreds of pounds to pass an MOT, with five per cent paying £1,000 or more to get their vehicle through the test.

Further MOT analysis reveals that around 40 per cent of cars fail their MOT at the first attempt.

Lauren French, product manager at RAC MOT Assist, the company behind the research, said: “Clearly, taking a car in for a service or MOT can be a nerve-wracking experience with many drivers concerned about what might be uncovered, and the unpleasant financial consequences that can result.

“But it’s even more alarming that this experience is enough to put some people off getting their car serviced in the future.

“Just how many people are driving vehicles on the UK’s roads that they know have problems?

“The best advice to any driver is to keep on top of servicing and maintenance work – the quicker problems are identified, often the cheaper they are to remedy.”

Do you believe motorists are avoiding regular servicing? Share your comments and experiences below.

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    Philip Dunmore

    This has been happening forever.
    It’s why the MOT is necessary.
    The simple truth is a lot of people cannot afford
    To maintain vehicles properly.
    This is getting much worse as vehicles become
    More expensive to maintain and repair.

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    A problem made worse by the owners lack of trust in the garage trade due to past experience.
    Build the trust of the customers by advising them of a realistic time scale in which they need repairs carried out.
    Treat them as you would like to be treated.

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    Auto Butler

    This is something we recognise, I think the truth is, trust is an issue. I would be interested in how garages are countering this?

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    Alastair Mayne

    Trust is important and there are no shortcuts to this, it takes a while to build up. However, if you have a good reputation with a loyal customer base this can help to give new customers confidence that you are trustworthy.
    What I do find worrying about this is the fact that we are sharing the road with motorists who are unaware that their vehicles are dangerous. Let’s face it MOT test levels are pretty low and only ‘on the day’. Servicing should also be taking into account what condition things are going to be in in the future too. Plus, do people not understand that repairing something before it is broken is generally far cheaper (and far less dangerous) than waiting until it does break?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)


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