Owner of stolen vintage car pleads for return

Thieves initially tried to take neighbour's Land Rover but failed before stealing cherished Citroen

Owner of stolen vintage car pleads for return

A 1946 Citroen has been stolen from its owner’s home in Broadway Market, London.

Thieves, who also tried and failed to steal a neighbour’s Land Rover, took the car at around 3.00am on Monday morning.

Eoin Billings, owner of the vintage car, said: “The irony is they tried to take a Land Rover and instead they stole something they can’t sell.”

“I just want my car back, they can drop it back tomorrow for all I care.”

The car had been with the family for two generations.

Eoin obtained CCTV footage of the robbery that involved four people with a white Iveco Daily recovery truck and a Ford Fiesta.

The vintage car sat in a Citroen warehouse, partially produced, during the German occupation and was only completed in 1946.

Eoin first drove the car to Dublin after his father purchased it in London in 1991 and on the drive it nearly caught on fire due to a faulty cable.

Sean passed the car on to Eoin when he moved to London 15 years ago and he was hoping to do the same for his children.

Eoin has urged anyone with with information to contact him on 07887 713734.

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