Owner of stripped Defender finds bonnet on Facebook sellers

Thieves stripped the car of its doors, bonnet and headlights despite CCTV passers-by

Owner of stripped Defender finds bonnet on Facebook sellers

The owner of a Land Rover Defender, which was stripped of various parts while parked at a railway station, believes she may have found her bonnet for sale on Facebook.

Lisa Sturmey left her vehicle at Newark station car park on Wednesday morning and returned at 9.30pm.

She shared pictures of her car online, with the caption: “Just got back to my car at Newark train station.”

She added: “I had an upgraded model autobiography one – I’m not sure what they have done to the interiors as I would not look inside so it’s not going to be that cheap to repair.

“I want to keep it as I love my car and I have had two major spine surgeries and it’s the only car I can sit in that doesn’t hurt my back – I love it.”

Lisa claims that a picture of a Defender bonnet, which matches the paint colour on her car, is for sale on Facebook for £350.

The seller, from Selby, North Yorkshire, claims that it “came off my 2016 Defender”.

Nottinghamshire Police and the NCP are yet to comment on the incident.

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