Passion and dedication: the foundations to success

GW visits EAC Telford with industry expert, Andy Savva to discuss productivity and business strategy

Passion and dedication: the foundations to success
Owners of EAC Telford, Mark and Jayne Kettle with Andy Savva (centre).

Walking into the reception at EAC Telford and speaking to the friendly assistants sat at a long desk with perfectly aligned computer screens, and you could be forgiven for thinking that this was a main dealer, complete with comfortable leather seats and even a scale model of the garage.

It gives a fantastic first impression for the customer.

But that’s no coincidence, Mark told GW that his ambition was always to provide a dealer-level service for his customers.

He said: “We’re one of the biggest independents in Telford and I think we’ve got more equipment than 99 per cent of the others out there.

“Just because a garage hasn’t got a nice workshop and reception, it doesn’t mean that they’re not very good but if you do have that and you also have the right equipment and staff, customers will keep coming back to you.

“We had a Jag in today, it’s been to three garages locally.

“Our guy fixed it in 20 minutes because we’ve got the right equipment and right team in place.”

However, Mark explained that there has always been part of him that wanted to make changes to the business but, like so many others, he struggled to find the time to implement them.

Speaking to GW, Andy Savva said: “We’re in an egotistic business and it takes a lot of courage for someone of Mark’s age and experience to ask for someone else’s opinion about his business.

“He thought he was really, really busy, which he is – to do the kind of figures that he does in Telford is exceptional – but he’s still only running at 70 per cent of what he has available.”

This article first appeared in GW Views, click here to continue reading and find out how EAC Telford is now making an additional £10,000 year just by changing the lunch rota.

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