EDT engine cleaning machine generates profits

EDT engine cleaning machine generates profits

Charters Peugeot has installed a second EDT engine cleaning machine following impressive profit and customer feedback.

EDT machines clean petrol or diesel engines with an environmentally friendly solution, taking just 15 minutes to remove up to half a litre of carbon, metallic particles and varnish – sludge that isn’t removed in an ordinary oil change.

According to EDT, the results can increase fuel economy by up to 20%, power by up to 6bhp and torque increased by up to 7ft-lb. Harmful emissions are also significantly reduced: CO by an average 66% and diesel smoke by an average 58%.

Arron Brown, general service manager at Charters Peugeot said: “We took one and because it did so well we got another one. There’s almost no cost to it. All we have to do is sell the benefits. The fuel saving in particular seems to hit home.

“Most customers immediately notice a difference – one told me his old estate had never driven better.”

David Holmes AAE FIMI AIRTE, managing director at EDT Automotive, added: “Charters Peugeot have really embraced the EDT concept and are reaping the rewards in terms of profit and customer satisfaction.”

With a minimum contract requirement of five treatments per week, EDT operates a pay-as-you-go model similar to a vending machine company, providing the unit, sales and technical training, the consumables and ongoing support.

You can visit the EDT website now using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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