Porsche 356 replica gets knocked into canal by passing van

Car dealer finds stock Chesil 356 Speedster submerged in water after delivery van tried to squeeze past

Porsche 356 replica gets knocked into canal by passing van
Passers-by scratch heads at sight of Porsche 356 replica in the canal.

A £30,000 2004 Chesil 356 Speedster is likely to be written off after it was knocked into a canal by a passing van, The Metro has reported.

The Porsche replica was parked outside AutoVero Luxury and Classic Cars in Islington, north London.

The garage owner described hearing a “smashing noise”, which alerted him that something was wrong.

AutoVero’s owner and director Kalvin Cauldwell said: “It is an item of stock.

“It is now in the canal with lots of people scratching their heads thinking ‘how are they going to get that out?’

“I was with a mechanic dealing with a Ferrari and I heard a smashing noise, then I was looking around and it was the canal.”

Mr Cauldwell said a delivery driver somehow made contact with the car which was in a car park at the back of the building.

He added: “He managed to slide past a Mercedes that was there as well.

“It could have been much worse, definitely.”

Mr Cauldwell, said he expects the car to be a “total loss”.

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