Revealed: cars most likely to pass and fail their MOT first time

MoneySuperMarket urging motorists complete DIY repairs before MOT to boost pass chances

Revealed: cars most likely to pass and fail their MOT first time
Motorists are being urged to do more themselves to prevent MOT failures.

New research has revealed the cars most and least likely to pass their MOT, with a tenth of cars declared unsafe to drive at their first test.

Analysis of almost 7,000 MOT reports from the Bill Manager functionality on MoneySuperMarket’s app revealed a car’s chances of passing the mandatory safety test, based on the make, colour and even day of the week when a customer takes it to a garage.

Minis fail MOT the least

The analysis found that Minis fail their MOT test just five per cent of the time – well below the UK average of 11 per cent.

Conversely, Hyundai’s were found to be the least likely to pass their first MOT.

Almost a fifth (19 per cent) fail their first MOT, just three years after the car left the factory.

According to the data, SEATs are the second most likely cars to fail its first MOT at 16 per cent, closely followed by Mercedes and Peugeot (13 per cent) and BMW (12 per cent).

More cars fail on a Monday

Cars are also less likely to fail their MOT test on a Friday (eight per cent) compared to a Monday (12 per cent).

Overall, 10 per cent of brand new cars are deemed unsafe to be driven during their first MOT across the UK.

Tenth of cars unsafe at first MOT

Emma Garland, data scientist at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “Our data shows that over a tenth of new cars are deemed unsafe to be driven after just three years, which shows how up-to-date you need to be with repairs and services to your car, even if it’s recently purchased.

Company recommends DIY repairs before MOT

“Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to improve the chances of you driving away with a pass on your record.

“These include changing light bulbs, replacing windscreen washer fluid and checking your windscreen wipers and tyres.”

Cars most likely to fail their first MOT

Percentage that fail first MOT

Hyundai – 19 per cent
Seat – 16 per cent
Mercedes – 13 per cent
Peugeot – 13 per cent
BMW – 12 per cent

Cars most likely to pass their first MOT

Percentage that pass first MOT

Mini – 95 per cent
Lexus – 94 per cent
Kia – 94 per cent
Suzuki – 94 per cent
Saab – 94 per cent

Do you believe that motorists should do more themselves before an MOT, or should they take their car to a garage in a separate visit to ensure of a pass? Let us know in the comments

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